Every city has its own set of challenges to resolve

All connected to many stakeholders with different agendas. Sities Global specializes in effective delivery of solutions to cater city dynamics in the effort allowing the city to focus on its main goal – happy people.

What we do

We utilize the brute force that lies in collaboration by breaking down problem statements, and co-create the optimal solution for you and the city your company is established in.

Ready to make an impact?

Solutions tailored to your business


You are at the start of your new enterprise. To get a head start, you want to have a great product or service, operations that respect the environment and positively impact your city.

Are you in need of assistance on business or sustainability strategies?


As a social enterprise you are focusing on social or environmental aspects, which have an impact on the city. Non-profits can face challenges when it comes to different resources, and too often this can lead to discontinuing all business activities.


You know your city well and its strengths and challenges. You would like to make a positive impact through investing in sustainable strategies. How can you do this, with the resources available?


As a (local) Government, you want redesign the city into a sustainable, inclusive and smart urban environment. How are these coming together, to drive real change and sustainability?

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