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Stephanie Zumbrink


Stephanie Zumbrink is born and raised in the Netherlands. She lived in six countries and holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a MSc in Innovation Management. 

A professional background in real estate combined with a passion for community independence, drive her to rethink social and environmental challenges to find innovative solutions and business opportunities.

Natacha Madaule


Natacha Madaule is a citizen of the world. Half French and Finnish, she has been living in more than 6 different countries, enjoying those deep dives into different cultures. Her strong belief in social entrepreneurship lead her to undertake an MBA in London, followed by a Master in Disruptive Innovation in San Francisco in order to create social impact through human-focused innovation. Her goal is to empower communities to bring the positive changes needed.

Want to become the cornerstone of your future city?

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